Made-in-China Toys

Sourcing Dude has access to a vast network of quality toy manufacturers that produce made-in-China toys.

Popular Toy Categories

Plush toys from China

Plush Toys

Made of soft fabric and stuffed with cotton or a similar filling, plush or stuffed toys typically come in the form of animals and are perfect for young children and the young at heart.

Wooden toys

Wooden Toys

Import wooden toys including doll houses, wooden train sets, wooden kitchens, educational activity sets, puzzles and imaginative play toys.

Electronic toys

Electronic Toys

Toys & games from a great selection of electronic learning toys, electronic pets, remote control cars, drones and more.

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Plastic toys

Plastic Toys

Lightweight, flexible, and colourful, but also economical and fast to produce, plastic toys are a popular category for all ages.

Baby toys

Baby Toys

A wide range of baby toys that meet strict quality requirements, ensuring a safe, entertaining, and inspiring learning experience for early child development.  

Sports toys

Sports Toys

Outdoor activities across all the most popular sports to get kids moving like toy basketball hoops, toy golf, soccer balls, frisbees and more.

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