What Products To Sell Online in 2022? An Insider’s Guide

Looking to generate massive streams of revenue from your e-commerce business, but you just don’t know what products to sell online in 2022?

Wondering what makes a successful e-commerce business?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward!

You need to be selling truly hot-selling products with a great market demand that are trending with consumers in the new year. 

In this article, we share:

  1. What tools or websites to use for checking current market trends
  2. All best selling items under major product categories in 2022
  3. General tips

Ready? Let’s get started!

Tools To Use For Checking E-commerce Trends

To better understand a market, we need data, rather than relying on our “intuition.”

Most e-commerce newbies tend to sell whatever they “think” and “believe” will work, but typically end up disappointed due to lack of sales.

The trick is to look for the most accurate and updated market trends and insights according to what actual people are searching for.

If you’re looking to find the best-sellers we recommend these three simple websites or tools for your market research to rock 2022:

Google trends

Google Trends is by far the easiest and most reliable way to predict a consumer or business trend, due to the power of available data through Google based on our daily use of search engines.

Its main function for marketers is to analyze the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across a large number of regions and languages. 

This powerful tool applies graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over a specific period of time.

Got some product ideas in mind? 

Try Google Trends to see if it is trending or on a downward cycle.

2. Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon best seller

Amazon Best Sellers is a subpage that updates hourly to reflect the most popular products on this giant e-commerce platform based on sales.

This is so useful because you can click on the left side of the page to select from different product categories which will give you some ideas on what exactly is trending within your market niche.

What is more, it is real and valuable market data that lets you prepare for competition and find out your own product differentiation.

3. Pinterest


Not surprisingly, Pinterest is one of the best platforms for collecting market ideas, plus actually selling it.

The average sales order within the platform is $50 — which is higher than any other social media platform with a marketplace. 

Therefore, you can refer to the “pins” and images shared by other competitors and see what the hot-selling items are and what is being discussed by real consumers. 

All Best Selling Items Under Major Product Categories in 2022

Best Sellers in 2022

Below, we recommend six hot-selling items to sell in 2022 from six different product categories:

1. Big Toy Ride On Car for Kids (RC Toys)

Big Toy Ride On Car for Kids (RC Toys)

Most kids (and kids at heart) love cars, and what is not to love about these uber-realistic toy cars.

In fact, big toy cars with one/two seats that can accommodate kids under 7 years old are trending recently. 

Parents can remotely control the cars to drive the kids to different corners of their house, garden, and even on outdoor playgrounds and parks. 

These toy cars come in all shapes and sport the look and feel of many “famous brands.” The design can be customized according to your market ideas.

Kids don’t want to just watch a toy car moving, they want to feel like they’re driving it for real.

Got your own design for your electric toy car or just want to buy the most popular styles? 

Speak to our sourcing specialists to get factory prices of these toy cars now!

2. Women Yoga/Gym Clothing Set (Textiles)

Women Yoga/Gym Clothing Set (Textiles)

Yoga clothing has been trending for the past few years, but the market will continue to grow in 2022. 

Undoubtedly, the market competition is high but there is an increased demand from the general population amidst the ongoing pandemic situation to stay home, engage in their yoga practice and relax their minds and bodies.

The key to winning in this market niche is to outdo competitors by differentiating on design and functions. 

For example, leopard print yoga clothing with zippers is trending on Amazon & Pinterest. 

Do you have any new design ideas that are more original than generic yoga clothing?

Contact our sourcing specialists today for customizing your own gym/yoga clothing brand with top manufacturers in China!

3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Electronics)

Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Electronics)

Robot vacuum cleaners are now becoming more and more accepted by consumers worldwide due to their automatic programmed features to schedule cleaning and go to dark corners that are usually missed by human beings.

With increased time spent at home and people generally having higher standards towards health and hygienic conditions, this enormous market opportunity is up for you to seize.

However, e-commerce sellers should be reminded that not all robots are created equally. 

Many suppliers will just claim that they can achieve certain functions but you may end up disappointed if you don’t investigate carefully. 

Speak to our electronic sourcing team for more information on getting the best robotic products from China!

4. Wooden Cat Condo (Pet Accessories)

Wooden Cat Condo (Pet Accessories)

Whilst this is a relatively big item for e-commerce sellers to ship, it’s a hot item among cat lovers.

This little paradise is made for cats that love to move around and play with different smaller toys. They can sleep in, jump around and scratch this condo wherever and whenever they like. 

The wooden cat condo is also good for decorating a home as it fits in easily with any other decorative furniture you may put in your living room.

If you are serious about selling pet supplies online, look no further than the idea of being a “property broker” for dogs and cats.  

Contact our pet supply chain manager today for more pet condo insights and making your own pet house lines!

5. Barbecue Grill & Tools (Home & Garden)

Barbecue Grill & Tools (Home & Garden)

Staying home and enjoying a good old barbecue party with friends is what weekends are made of. 

With fewer outdoor activities allowed and restricted travel due to the ongoing pandemic situation, why not sell something that allows everyone to fully utilize their backyards to enjoy a good time?

Barbecue grills and tools are in huge demand since the outbreak of the pandemic and the love for grilled meat never stops.

With this in mind, we are recommending e-commerce sellers to sell barbecue products with good design and functionalities such as quick grill and safe mode that protects children from misuse. 

Talk to our home & garden experts to source the best barbecue sets and tools now!

6. Eco-Friendly and Compostable Cork Laptop Sleeves and Phone Cases 

Eco-Friendly and Compostable Cork Laptop Sleeves and Phone Cases 

Biodegradable materials are replacing plastic products across many industries nowadays.

People are becoming more and more conscious about how products are made, especially because materials like plastic will have a lasting negative effect on the environment.

Eco-friendly and compostable cork laptop sleeves and phone cases are the latest examples of products that cater to the eco-conscious consumer and are a much-needed response to the growing trend of “green power.”

E-commerce sellers can market themselves as “green suppliers” and tap into this market niche which can offer a higher profit margin when compared to more traditional 3C accessories lines.

We also recommend using biodegradable packaging materials for your custom branding. 

Consult our packaging specialists for branding and shipping your product lines with eco-friendly materials.

Final Verdict

Do your due diligence

It’s possible that you can sell something you like and generate lots of sales, but the chances of that simply happening is slim to none. Facts are that without proper research, you can also lose a lot of money selling. 

The key is not just about finding the right product to sell, but also locating a reliable supply chain or manufacturer before any serious commitment.

Doing your homework and consulting industry experts is the bare minimum you should do before investing in marketing a “hot seller.”

Happy New Year and Happy Selling in 2022!

As always, feel free to reach out to our sourcing experts to discuss your sourcing needs and what products are hot in 2022.

Anakin Tam

Anakin Tam

Our China Sourcing Blog writer and head of marketing & sales shares weekly updates to help importers/e-commerce sellers avoid costly pitfalls and find the best products when starting their sourcing journey in China.


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